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Name:Good quality homogeneous vinyl for hospital/lab/office
Category:Commercial floor
1.Excellent resistance to high flow, strong pressure resistance, comfortable walking and easy to walk, such as hospital beds, trolleys, rolling wheelchairs, etc.
2. Easy to clean and  maintain
3.The product can inhibit the existence of the mold, the shape is stable, crack resistance, low expansion rate
4.Fire resistant and mute noise
5.The products are soft and comfortable ,high-resilience,which can effectively absorb impact
Description Parameters
Good quality homogeneous vinyl for hospital/lab/office

Surface Pattern:UV treatment 
Color: green ,red, blue ,orange ,gray,and so on 
product advantages:waterproof ,stain-resistant ,self-clean,anti-skidding , mute noise ,environment protect 
Roll size : 2.0m*2.0m*20m , or can be cut the roll lenght per your room size.
Application Area : Widely used for all kinds of commercial place such as hopital /theatre/laboratory/gym/home ect.

1) It is composed of pvc resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, coupling agent and conductive material, and has permanent anti static function.

2) Plastic anti static rolling material, with permanent anti static function, widely used in electronic, clean rooms, computers, hospitals, telecommunications, navigation space aviation and other precision instruments and equipment special places.

3) Passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the European advanced production process is adopted to ensure that the raw material processing and production of the products reach the European standard. 

4) The products have excellent stability, wear grade T grade, meet the requirements of public large flow places, durable, resistant to compression performance.

5) The anti static performance test has been carried out before the product is out of the factory, which is in line with the quality standard.

6) Eaty to clean the dirt on the surface. Don’t cut the floor with sharp hard things when using it, and keep the surface smooth. When cleaning the floor, use neutral clearing gent to scrub, then rinse with clear water to dry, and then anti-static wax. Serious dirty or black spots can be cleaned by the ground cleaning machine.

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